Why You’re Already a Perfect Mother

Six months into being a mom and I've noticed something about mothers, and that is that we love to compare.

I have met many wonderful new moms, who love their babies to bits, who are constantly trying to make their babies smile and laugh, who dresses their babies in the cutest outfits - yet these same moms often beat themselves up by comparing their baby with other babies. This comparison game is one all new moms are very much familiar with.

We can only try our best to avoid questions like "does your baby do this yet?", but it's not easy to notice when someone else's baby starts crawling and yours isn't yet. Once while I was waiting at the clinic with my mom for Jake's monthly visits, she asked a mom who was sitting next to us what her baby's weight was, then she continued to say "oh that's light, Jacob is already..." and I would go, "aw mom, don't do that" because the last thing a fellow mom should be doing is worrying one another.

The funny thing is that for us moms (and grandmoms alike) we are naturally inclined to want the best for our baby, to want our baby to be stronger, to be better, so we tend to compare for a little bit of reassurance. But, as normal as it is, it also causes unnecessary worry and stress that prevents us from fully appreciating what our kids have accomplished, and what they are currently working towards.

As long as your baby is reaching milestones within the normal range, be it a bit faster or slower than other babies, then there should be no worries. Always remember that different flowers flourish at different rates! So as long as your baby is loved and cared for, then you are doing a great job as a mom.

The idea of a perfect parent doesn't exist, if you keep measuring yourself against the fantasies projected on social media, then you are not a perfect parent. In the real world, however, you most certainly are. Because you love your children, you do everything in your power to keep them safe, and you try your best to make them happy every day.

Every parent that I have read about, have seen on tv, that I have met, and that I know of - everyone is doing the best they can in raising a child in his or her own style and manner. And that is why you are already a perfect mother.

What are the things you love about being a parent?

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