You Are A Mother, First

I’m a mom who is constantly trying to do it all. Sometimes I forget that I’m one single person and doing it all is just impossible.

Two days ago I had the opportunity to watch a Facebook live session where mom blogger Elna Cain talked about how she grew an income from blogging. Like a lot of other moms, her goal was to have the flexibility of working from home and be with her kids. She went on to say that trying to find the balance between family and work isn’t easy, but she needed to constantly remind herself of the why. Why she started her blogging business in the first place - and that is to have the time to be with her babies. When she finds it hard to work with all the chaos and distractions at home, she would remind herself, “I’m a mom first” and work comes second.

Raisa, you’re a mom first! I was kicking myself.

I realised that I’ve been doing it all wrong this entire time. I keep getting so worked up on not having enough time to focus on my work, when what I needed to do was notice how much time I am blessed with to have with my baby. My baby is my why.

I needed that reminder to take a step back and notice what was already in front of me. I wanted the time with my baby, and I have that. Whatever pockets of time that I have in between being a mom, that’s my time for work.

My roles and priorities have changed and I was lost in my tracks. Motherhood has been overwhelming to say the least, especially when you have two other ventures that requires your time. But at the end of the day, remembering why I took up these ventures in the first place brought me so much comfort and an immediate sense of gratitude.

I understand that we are all going through our own journey in motherhood, and in life, but I hope that this short post can help you find some sense of peace and ease in your everyday chaos.

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