Finding A Healthy Work-From-Home Routine

The world is starting to see just how impactful the current pandemic is and the future suddenly becomes so uncertain. As we practice social distancing and the world going into lockdown to protect each other from the spread of Covid-19, many of us find ourselves working from home.


It’s important to acknowledge that there is a privilege in being able to work and earn money at home, (or rather, still being able to work at all despite the current situation) - but that doesn’t mean working from home is easy.

Truth is, not everyone is cut out to work from home. It requires a lot of discipline that many aren’t used to, and for ones who are used to working in a team, things can get lonely pretty quickly - which can lead to weakened productivity and motivation.

So it’s really important to remember to nurture yourself and create a healthy work-from-home environment to help you stay focus, and at the same time keeping a reasonable schedule which you can follow.

Here are a few ways to help you nurture yourself and keep yourself motivated.

Get started early. Wake up early as though you were heading to the office and dive into your to-do list as soon as you wake up.

Don’t forget to exercise. As our movements are more limited now than ever, don’t forget to exercise at home even if it is just for ten minutes. It’s such a valuable addition to a productive daily habit.

Get dressed. Shower and get dressed like you are going to the office. This will help give you the same feel like when you’re in the office and make you more motivated to perform.

Choose a dedicated workspace. If you don’t have an extra room for a makeshift office, set aside a small area in the house where you will only do work. Remind your family members not to disturb you when you’re at your work area.

Plan ahead of time. Plan the things you’ll be doing the night before and commit to them. This way you won’t feel distracted to want to do other things.

Take regular breaks. Go on a coffee or water break to clear your mind. But don’t get distracted with social media that you lose track of time. You could maybe take a short walk in the garden, or have a little chat with other family members in your home.

Stay connected with your family and friends. Working from home might give you some flexibility but it can also make you feel cut off from your family and friends. Use technology to stay connected and reach out to people who can share some positivity to your day.

Pick a finishing time to your day. Working from home doesn’t always mean you’ll have more time to yourself, sometimes you could be so caught up that it gets dragged into the night. So set an alarm to remind you that your work hour is coming to an end and you can continue the day with other things.

Are you currently working from home? What is your daily work routine like?

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