Supporting Women At Work

We are always talking about wanting to achieve equality, fighting for gender rights, and making impactful statements on how we want to see change for women in this world. But the truth is, it all begins with us. Women need to support women before any other change can happen.

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Women can achieve so much just by being supported, and supporting other women, be it at home or at work. In the past, you can see that we have particularly benefited from collaboration instead of competition. The heart of the fight for gender equality is all about supporting one another to achieve something greater, something more positive, and something more encouraging than what we had before.

Sisterhood is so important, and we all crave that beautiful bond and support that comes from it. Supporting other women isn’t just about sharing clothes and shoes, it’s about showing true love, respect, and pride each other in the things that we do.

Here are some ways you can support your fellow sisters at work:

Get to know them

Getting to know your peers at work and building meaningful connections can make your work-life a hundred times better. These are the kinds of relationship you would want to keep and nurture for an everlasting partnership.

Let them be heard

When in a group discussion, give them the airtime they deserve and give them credit for their ideas. Allow her to finish without any interruptions, and if there are other women struggling to join into the conversation, help her out by saying you’d like to hear other points of view.

Challenge the double standard

When men lead, they are seen as assertive and confident, women, on the other hand, will be seen as “bossy” or “aggressive”. Challenge the double standard and allow women to have the platform to lead and nurture at the same time.

Celebrate every accomplishment

Celebrate their accomplishments no matter how small. Encourage them to own their success, attributing to their qualities and skills, and not just because they were ‘lucky’. There is enough good to go around.

Encourage and amplify their work

A woman’s performance is often underestimated and they would often need to work twice as hard to prove their capability. Look for opportunities to boost their confidence, encourage them to grow, and build them up!

Give them helpful feedback

Look for opportunities to help them grow, and give them input that can help them increase their efficiency and productivity at work.

We’re better together. How do you support your fellow sisters at your workplace?

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