Why We Kept Our Pregnancy A Secret

Trust me, I was itching to share the wonderful pregnancy announcement, ultrasound pictures and the amazing pregnancy bump photos I was taking on the daily. It was such a blissful journey for Tim and I but for one too many reasons, we have decided to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

It was another hat that Tim and I will need to put on, being parents. And being the overprotective person I have come to become, I wanted to prepare for the new role in the most positive and stress-free way. In other words, we wanted to do things on our own terms.

It wasn’t easy to refrain from posting photos in group chats and on social media but it had to be done. After a while, we started enjoying the huge secret we had and kept it only to ourselves and the people in our lives who mattered most. It was important that we did what we felt right for the both of us and without outside interference sharing their wild concerns, and or telling me what to do.

While I know and love the endless support my extended family and friends would offer, I needed to listen to my heart and follow my own instincts on this one. I totally secluded myself for many months, and if I had to go to work, my choice of clothing helped cover my early pregnancy months.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last as long as I had hoped. A photo of me was shared by a friend on social media when I was six months pregnant and shortly after, more friends and other family members began to know.

To be entirely honest, the joy of being able to express my happiness to more people was wonderful, and many of my friends shared so much positivity that I needed. But there was also some unsolicited advice I kind of saw coming my way but at the same time hoped not to receive. I was treated by some people as though I was unable to carry out any normal daily activities and I wasn’t entirely OK with that.

With all the hormones that were already overflowing in my bloodstream, it was important for me to control my privacy and the number of people knowing. My pregnancy was filled with some worries and fears and if anything were to happen to my baby, I wasn’t going to share the news with people I barely knew. This was also one of the many reasons for the secrecy.

But on top of my fears, I loved the precious pleasure in keeping such huge a news a secret. I loved the independence I had and I loved that I followed my heart.

Keeping myself healthy, stress-free and seeing Tim and my family happy was all I could ever ask for.

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