Why I Choose Homeopathy

What I love about homeopathy is that it calls for healing in a very specific and precise way. The holistic nature of homeopathy allows for every person to be treated to their own specific symptom and personal health to achieve their own individual healing.

When I’m feeling under the weather, or even when I need a boost of positive energy, almost always, it’s because my mind, body, and soul are off its alignment. Homeopathy will help in bringing back the harmony and energy to assist my mind, body, and soul to come back into alignment - to achieve a sense of greater inner and outer fulfilment.

The nature in homeopathy is allowing the human body to heal itself, without using modern medicines. If you’re thinking of ‘herbal medicine’, it’s not really it either. It’s rather a sense of healing that requires faith and belief in the force of energy behind the treatment. Like all other things natural, you definitely can’t expect homeopathy to offer you instant healing as modern medicines do - patience is truly key.

It’s probably easier to look at the concept of homeopathy from a spiritual perspective, possibly a journey that you have to embark on in search of a sense of alignment. It will encourage you to reach out to the core of any symptoms that you have for a complete cure. For example, if you are down with a temperature, it’s probably because you are too stressed, and are thinking and worrying too much about something, it could be your past or even your future. By bringing yourself back into the present, much of stress and anxiety can be eliminated and this will help you heal from the inside out (your soul, your mind, and then, your physical body). There is really no need for painkillers, or vitamins or anything like that. Just give your body a couple of days, and in the meantime, take a step back, reflect, and truly acknowledge the core problem that is causing your body to suffer physical pain.

What modern medicine does is to treat symptoms and nothing more, this can offer you immediate relief, but also a temporary one. This means that the symptoms and illness might come back, and for many, it keeps coming back. Homeopathy works by treating the essence of a person, and as I mentioned above, it offers a complete cure. So by focusing on the energy of a person, and by eliminating the root of the problem, the mind, body and soul are able to remain aligned for the long time coming.

In other words, the treatment can be seen on a deeper more spiritually profound levels, and at the same time will appear on a physical level. You will become happier, you’ll be surrounded with more positive energy, you’ll be more efficient in your day, you’ll get to empathise better, better overall health, and just so many more other benefits. And all this is why I choose homeopathy.

P.S. My Basic Skincare Routine

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