Why Do Moms Always Fear The Worst?

There are many things to worry about in our daily lives, and add motherhood to the mix, it is easy to have your mind spinning all the time. Being a mom, I have realised that my thoughts often slip from realistic anxieties and into very unlikely and dramatic scenarios. Like when I leave the window open with baby sleeping in the room, or going up an escalator with my baby, or when Tim drives a bit too fast with me and baby in the car. Countless 'what if's' comes to mind and I always find my thoughts imagining the worst happening.

'Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?' 'Supposing it didn't,' said Pooh after careful thought. Piglet was comforted by this. - A.A. Milne, Winnie The Pooh

This is how I learned to calm myself and regain control of my thoughts (most of the time if not always):

  1. Breathe and bring myself back 'into the moment'. This is definitely top of the list, and I would do it 'yoga style' by focusing sharply on my breath and noticing the air when I inhale and exhale.

  2. Remembering Tim telling me that most of the things we fear will never happen.

  3. Notice my thoughts slipping and stop it from doing so.

  4. Distract myself with other things in that particular moment.

How do you overcome your anxiety and fears?


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