When Did You Forge Your Own Path?

I still remember my mom subtly pressuring me to get married and find a stable job back in 2017. I had just moved back from Brunei then, brought back a small business I started with my sister, and have travelled back and forth to the UK and the States because I was at a huge crossroads in my life. The transition moving back from the UK was not easy for me and it took me a while to call Malaysia my home.


Sure, I wanted to find the love of my life and start a family, but I felt like I wasn't there just yet. I'd had several failed relationships at that point and I knew something had to change. So instead of falling into the roles expected of me at the time, I invested in myself for a while. I took up golf lessons, I spent even more time at the gym, I joined the national rowing team, I enrolled on an online Spanish language course, and I baked a whole lot of cupcakes and macarons.

By the end of that same year (on Boxing Day to be exact) I met Tim, and I thought, "here goes another dating experience which will probably end in the next couple of months".

Three months into our relationship, we took a leap that some might think is speedy. We got married. It felt as though our stars were aligned, and it felt right. We then quit our jobs and started a business together. We have been forging our own path ever since and much of it has gone against what everyone in our family has done. But my family understands and has been more than supportive.

There was a day where Tim came home and he told me "my mom asked me to stop walking around and find a real job" and I couldn't help but find the statement funny. I am in awe of my husband as he stands up for our decisions and how we make them. This is where we need to be comfortable not only with people not supporting our decisions but also with people not understanding them.

I am now a mom who works from home - I have had many people asking me why I don't want to take up a professional job, and why I'm throwing my Master's degree away. This is definitely an era where staying at home to care for your child seems archaic, but for me, having this consistent and simpler pace of life is what fulfils me.

When push comes to shove, we are stronger than ever because we have decided to forge our own path in life instead of following in the footsteps of others.

When did you forge your own path? I would love to hear.

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