What Goes In Your Hand Carry?

When I pack, I'm always packing with a smooth travelling experience in mind, especially when going through airport security. The clothes I wear and the things that go into my hand carry must contribute to a fuss-free journey. This means minimal jewellery, comfy slip-ons or ballerinas, no belts, and only the most necessary liquids.

There will always be a small snack that I would bring on board with me, which usually would be a pack of almond M&M's, Maltesers, or a muffin from Starbucks at the airport. Then I would have my Sudoku book that accommodates the occasional snooze or tea break or a short TV series on the in-flight entertainment system.

On top of the basic must-haves like my passport, you'll also find a toothbrush, a small makeup bag, lip balm, wet wipes, neck rest and my own noise-cancelling headphones.

Depending on where I travel to, the size of my bag varies. If it's to someplace cold, I would have a bigger carry on to fit my winter jacket or a sweater. If it's to someplace near and warm, a simple tote bag would do just fine! It's all about practicality!

What’s your must-pack travel item? Would love to hear!

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