My Weekly Smudging Ritual

The past two weeks have been rather stressful. The number of Covid-19 cases is on the rise again and it’s the worst the country has seen all year. We are in a conditional lockdown at the moment, and thankfully Tim, myself and Jacob made it to my parent's house on time so that this time (unlike the beginning of the year) we could all be together, and I would have some help with the little one.

We are currently facing the third wave and if I’m being honest, the uncertainty we are facing right now is giving me a little anxiety. God knows how much I miss travelling, being in the outdoors, and just going out for a meal without feeling so paranoid.

With all that is happening, I have been turning to my smudging ritual to keep our vibrations high, to heal ourselves, and to invite fresh, clean, and positive energy into our home.

I would flow through a smudging ritual once or twice a week and this practice has set a strong foundation for the days to come. Being at home with a little toddler, trying to work at the same time, and making sure everyone is taken care of is not easy. It doesn’t look like it right now but I do have a lot of big dreams, and it is so important that I don’t lose track of the life that I want to live while I go through motherhood. This is where my smudging ritual comes in handy to help me remain focused, calm, and most importantly, at peace with myself.

I’m very big on absorbing the energy around me - especially when I’m exhausted after a long day of doing.. well, everything - I can literally feel negative energy in the air if there's any, and finding calm is so important.

I have loved smudging palo santo and white sage to get some new energy moving. Filling up the space with healing, peace, love and light. They have worked so well for me to help me stay grounded while keeping my heart open. But of course, like everything else that we do, it's important to have a strong intention, mindfulness, reverence and a sense of deep gratitude when smudging.

To transform the energy around me, I have found it very powerful to repeat my intention, or a mantra before, during and after the smudging session. They can be as simple as “I am clearing this space to invite love to fill the area”.

Other intentions could include:

  1. I open this space to divine love, to hold compassion, nurturance, and forgiveness.

  2. I am giving thanks to this home for having sheltered me, and cared for me over the past years.

  3. I am inviting fresh new energy into this space, and for all negativity to leave.

Do any of you lean on nature to help get through these tough times? I hope everyone is keeping safe, wearing masks, and are only going out when really necessary. Intentionally set up your week for calmness, success, and fill it with love. I’m really hoping we can all go back to how it was before.

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