We're Not The Same & That's OK

I think one thing we should all remember and keep reminding ourselves is that it is OK to be different.

With all the social media pictures we're getting on a daily basis, and seeing how everyone's daily life is looking so glossy and sparkly, it's really hard not to compare. It makes you wonder how everyone else has had it all figured out, perfectly balancing work and life. It’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing a good enough job.

The truth is, parenting isn’t easy for anyone. Life isn’t easy for anyone.

So it’s really important that we keep our eyes and ears turned inwards, stay focus on our own lives, and stay true to our own purpose. When you’ve honed in on what you want to achieve for yourself and for your family, it’s easier to let those comparisons fall by the wayside. Let them be a cue to you to refocus on your own goals.

The comparison game can be a very destructive one, and as a parent, you wouldn’t want that influencing your daily energy. Give yourself permission to embrace all the experiences you have had, the good and the bad. Each one of us has a story that is unique to our own, and we all have our own challenges to overcome.

It’s worth remembering that we all grow at our own pace - moms, dads, babies - we develop in our own sweet time that is best for each of us, and it is OK to be different than others. P.S. Why You’re Already a Perfect Mother

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