Ways To Say I Love You

When you’re in love, the world takes on a different hue. Everything becomes a little brighter, a little more fun, and a little bit of rain doesn’t stop you from skipping to work. Ah, the wonderful feeling of being in love!

That said, there are only a million ways to express the love you have for your other half, and there’s really no right or wrong answer, believe it or not. This means the expression of love doesn’t always have to come from the words ‘I love you’. I, for one, truly believe in the warmth of love and the importance of expressing it every day, in so many different ways.

Here are some gestures that can give that spring in your partner’s steps, because truly, there is only one happiness in this world - and that is to love and be loved.

  1. Of course, the first one would be words of affirmation. If this is your partner's love language, a little compliment goes a long way.

  2. Ask your partner what she wants for breakfast, or if you could get her snacks. Reese's or a chocolate croissant works for me (all the time).

  3. If it's about to rain, be thoughtful and remind her to take an umbrella, and tell her to stay warm. It's the little things that matter and small things like this really shows that you care.

  4. Don't ever ever forget her birthday or Valentine's day. She could have said something like these days doesn't matter but they secretly do. So unless you're trying to sleep in the doghouse, plan something nice ahead of time.

  5. When you ask her what she wants at a drive-thru and she says "nothing", know that she will take the first bite (or many bites) into your burger and fries, so don't complain when she does, so maybe it's worth ordering extra.

  6. Give her your undivided attention and be present when you're with her. Nothing is more annoying than when she tries to talk and you're focusing on your phone. It's all about that quality time together.

  7. Some acts of service would be wonderful, you could ask her if she needs help with her laundry, if she needs some vacuuming done, or if her car needs servicing.

  8. Being positive and supportive can really help strengthen a relationship. With Tim, we consider ourselves a team where if one fails we both fail. So it's very important that we always work things out together, support each other and help each other out where we can. At the end of the day, we only have each other.

  9. It is good to want to be honest and express your own opinions toward certain things, but if you find yourself slipping into an argument, it is always healthier to agree to disagree and strive for better communication. Never ever slip into attack and counter-attack, keep calm and show some love.

  10. Compromising is another important factor in a loving relationship. Say if your partner is a better cook, maybe allow her to be in charge of cooking while you do other helpful things elsewhere. After all, isn't it always easier to bend than to break?

  11. Put on some nice music and dance. Dancing is always so romantic, and if you or your partner can sing and hum too whilst dancing, that's a bonus!

  12. And finally, the good ol' hugs and kisses. No one loves them more than I do!

This goes both ways, for him, and for her.

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