30 Ways To Add Mindfulness To Your Day

If you’re anything like me, Mondays are often filled with work, chores, and mom duties. At the moment, you’re probably reading this with plenty other tabs opened and thinking at the back of your head at this kind of lifestyle might not be ideal. Thankfully, there are so many steps that can help us live more consciously and inspire us to be more mindful in our day to day activities.

To me, being mindful or at least trying to be mindful in every minute of my day is so important. It’s all about being in the present and being aware of our connection to our daily touch and experiences. It’s more than just sitting on my yoga mat and meditate, it’s being conscious about my presence to feel more grounded.

I’ve pulled together 30 tips and tricks that can help us reach awareness and be a little bit more mindful in our day.

  1. Wake up and identify one goal for the day.

  2. Take a step outside and breathe in the fresh air.

  3. Stretch down to feel your toes and stretch upwards reaching for the sky. Feel your body as it moves.

  4. Go on a short walk and enjoy the scenery. Leave your phone at home.

  5. Stop and smell the flowers, indulge your senses with nature.

  6. When in the shower, focus on the smell of the soap and feel the water running down your skin.

  7. Download an affirmation app that gives you daily positive reminders.

  8. Recite affirmations throughout the day, and update them when it feels right.

  9. Eat your meals without media distractions.

  10. When eating, say your thanks and pay attention to the taste of the food on your tongue.

  11. When you drink, experience how the glass or mug curves gracefully in the palm of your hand.

  12. Do small favours for yourself, take out the trash, clean the kitchen, or turn on the diffuser.

  13. Hand wash some of your clothes and hang them gently on a drying rack.

  14. Fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way and embrace one that brings you joy.

  15. Listen to a piece of music you love and sway your body according to the beat.

  16. Sing to the music you’re listening.

  17. Speak slowly, think and feel each word coming out of your mouth.

  18. Tell your partner how much they mean to you.

  19. Hold your partner’s hand, hug them and give them a compliment.

  20. Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment too.

  21. Pause to leave a thoughtful and positive comment on your friend’s Instagram post.

  22. Make eye contact with the people you are speaking with.

  23. Practice mindful listening, and pay attention to each word being spoken.

  24. Take a moment and ask your friend or family what was the best part of their day, and what makes them happiest.

  25. Turn off your push notifications on your phone so that you are less distracted.

  26. Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Follow new accounts that are positive and supportive of your wellbeing.

  27. If you are overwhelmed with content, choose one piece to read a day and start doing something else afterwards.

  28. Keep your mind from wandering by focusing on what’s in front of you.

  29. Start a journal to express your daily gratitude. Show thanks and not take things for granted.

  30. Remind yourself to relax, unclench your jaw, lower your shoulders. Take a deep breath.

What are some practices that help you feel grounded?

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