Little Things We Do For the Environment

I, just like you, are always learning and adapting to new ways on how we can make a difference in the world. To stop the increasing environmental problems that are increasing in magnitude, my family and I learnt that the littlest of things that we do can help protect this planet we call Earth.

The worsening of the environmental situation is really heartbreaking, and the only way that we can instil a sustainable approach to protecting the environment is by first, acknowledging the many ways that nature has helped us in our daily lives. By appreciating the water that we drink, the food we eat, and the clean air that we breathe every day, we will be motivated to want to change our habits and hope for a greener future.


We are very lucky to have a little 8-year-old planet lover who would constantly remind us not to use plastic straws in an effort "to save the sea creatures". She is our niece and the sweetest inspiration for us all. She would send texts time and again in the family group chat reminding each one of us to think about the sea creatures, the trees, and the beautiful sky in everything that we do.

In an effort to save the environment, Tim and I have done several things differently, and are trying to do more each day.

Here's a list of the things we have done differently:

1. We are more conscious now than before about using straws. We would simply tell the waiter to not give us straws when ordering drinks.

2. We recycle our coffee/ jam jars to store our foods and spices.

3. We became stricter when it comes to recycling our trash. We have a medium-sized box at the corner of our kitchen as a temporary bin for our recycled wastes, before we transfer them outside in the bigger recycling bin.

4. We make sure not to let our water run when we're brushing our teeth.

5. We remind each other to switch off the lights & fan when not in use.

6. We have stopped using the air-conditioner in the day. We only have it on at night when we go to bed. This also saves us quite a bit on utilities.

7. We keep reusable grocery bags in the car so we won't forget them when we're heading out to get groceries.

Having practised these little habits in the past couple of weeks, we do feel much better knowing that we can contribute to saving the environment and not feel totally helpless about it. The effects of climate change are getting impossible to ignore but I feel that we shouldn't let the scope of the problem let us down. Doing little things like reusing plastic bags (which may seem small, but is very concrete) can already help make the world a better place.

If you would like to tell us how we can do even better, please write to us in the comments section or email me at raisamia@gmail.com.


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