Three Things I Always Pack For Trips

Are you heading on a vacation soon? Here are three things that I would always take with me...

First aid kit - I always make sure I'm well packed with first aid supplies and I think everyone should have one, especially when travelling. Imagine being in a new country where you didn't get the chance to learn the emergency numbers, or when responders aren't responding, or when a pharmacy isn't anywhere to be found, or simply, there's a language barrier and you can't get help! But first aid is just "First Aid" - to provide some form of immediate relief and having one ready provides that temporary aid until you can get help (no kit means no immediate help)

I've got a small purse that I turned into a first aid kit. It consists of my tiny Victorinox penknife, alcohol swabs, bandages, medical tape, cotton gauze, Gel gamat, Ibuprofen and Smecta.

A light scarf - this works for all seasons and for both a beach holiday or a city holiday. You can use this as a sarong over a bikini at the beach, or over dresses on cool evenings, or in air-conditioned airports; in the winter this can be turned into a muffler; when visiting religious sites like a mosque or a temple this can be used to cover up; now that I'm a mom this can be used as a breastfeeding cover!

My favourite black leggings - perfect for all seasons and all holiday destinations, be it a beach holiday or a city break. In the winter it can be worn with boots and a nice jumper, in the summer it can be worn with flip flops and a cute top!

What are your must-pack items for trips? I would love to know.

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