Thoughts On Cesarean Sections

This post contains writing by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim on C-Sections during one of his past sohbets. I feel that it is highly worth sharing. They are not my words. But they are good advice.

*Please note that they might have been translated from Turkish.

--- I don’t believe that there are babies that don’t come out.  The only problem is that we are impatient. The One Who has planted the foetus in the womb of the mother must also bring it out. But we are not patient people. Another reason for caesarian to be done a lot is that people any more for a caesarian than for a normal birth.  I don’t believe that the doctors are doing it for the best of the mothers. I don’t believe that they are doing a good and the right thing. The mistake was that Istanbul is too big a city to go and come like that, so in the afternoon when the pain increased, she had to be taken to another hospital that was nearer. In the private ward, two other gynaecologists had a look at her and said, “Oh, this is too much pain for her, her hands are already blue, which means it is dangerous. And the baby is upside down. The feet are at the bottom. What can we do?”

The doctor-in-charge answered, If it is the wrong way around, we must do a caesarian. And even though my daughter-in-law shouted that she didn't want that, they did it. The first doctor that she had visited in the morning, said afterwards to me that everything had been alright and normal.  Also that the head was lying as it should, not as the other doctors had said.  This doctor who confirmed that everything had been normal all along was the one who had been examining her all the months of pregnancy, so he should know. So I don't believe doctors when it comes to deciding on a caesarian.  They take money and cut.  And their patients, who don't know what is going on, how are they to decide whether it is dangerous for the mother, or not? I don't accept it.

- Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi

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