Sweet Treats: The Ultimate Distraction

Our baby is growing faster than we could’ve imagined. Which means that having peaceful dinners is getting a little bit more tricky every day! He is constantly trying to climb out of his seat and onto the dining table, he is always reaching out for everything that is within sight, and the straps on his chair doesn't stop him from trying to struggle out of it.

It’s always a strategy game on how we would start and end our meals, and one of us will always have to rush through our food to tend to him. What goes on is that, I would feed him his dinner first, and after that, he would have to wait while Tim and I quickly finish ours - so we could all get done at the same time.

Which have resulted in me using treats or as Tim calls it, 'small incentives' to keep him busy while we enjoy a somewhat calm dinner.

Obviously, we have learnt that discipline doesn’t work for babies at this age (not that we even tried) but we know that as a ten-month-old, he responds better to some delicious distractions. So we’re thinking, if a little healthy treat helps…

I’ve had these popsicles (by Nuby Fruitsicles) for a while now but have always been reluctant to use it. Mainly because my mom thinks it’s too soon or it’s too cold to give him anything ice-y. But after reading more about how they have helped other babies soothe their teething gums, how it makes for a delicious treat for them, and how so many moms have given good reviews about them online, I've decided to give it a try.

Now I wish I had started using them weeks ago. They have been a huge help. We have been giving him these little ice lollies after his meals as a dessert and he would quietly enjoy it until Tim and I are nicely done with our dinner.

After noticing how they can effectively distract him for at least 5 minutes (5 precious minutes), we have been alternating the popsicles with some soft biscuits and small pieces of fruit as an after-dinner treat, every day!

The exciting part about these popsicles is that I can put almost anything that has been pureed in them - bananas, pears, apples, oranges, watermelon, you name it. I love that they come in a set of different colours, and the grips are great and comfortable for Jacob’s little fingers.

What are some tips and tricks that you do to keep your baby seated during meal times?