Ways To Support The Women Around You

Women have overcome so many obstacles and adversities in the past years, we have become louder, and we have become stronger. But if there is one thing I have learnt about supporting other women, it's not so much about using my own voice to do so, but how I use my platform to encourage other women to use theirs.

Here are some ways we can support one another:

Showing up for women both physically and emotionally

Be an advocate for women in any way possible - whether it’s checking in with your girlfriends, connecting with your sister, calling your mother, supporting female-founded companies, or just helping an elder woman cross the street.

Create space for other women to grow

You can host events, talks, interviews, or brunches to allow your girlfriends to thrive in an environment where they can feel comfortable in. Encourage them to be themselves and use their voice for anything at all.

Be transparent with one another

With more and more women living a fast-paced life, many are feeling isolated with their own challenges. Have open conversations with one another, empower them by sharing your honest opinions and experiences - both good and bad, and create meaningful connections.

Collaborate, don’t compete

Amplify other women and share their joy in the things they do. Find a common ground, support and uplift each other.

Give out compliments

You only gain happiness and positivity when you offer your genuine compliments to one another. Tell them they are doing a great job, and remind them of how the world is a better place because of them.

Teach, don’t judge

Be the vehicle that empowers other women to grow. When and where needed, share your knowledge and experiences instead of hiding them.

Step up and represent

Take every opportunity you get, and every challenge that comes your way as an example not just to others, but for yourself. Don’t be afraid to stand in the spotlight and represent your sisterhood.

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