Togetherness In Times Of Crisis

Is it just me or does this entire pandemic situation feels a bit historical? I never thought we would be living in a time where everyone around the world is being asked to comply with lifesaving rules that we are not accustomed to. This crisis caught us all by surprise and now, the world is grieving the loss of so many loved ones, friends and family.

Even though Malaysia is managing the crisis rather well, and almost everyone is cooperating in solidarity - which I am very proud of - we must acknowledge and not forget our friends that are living in fear in hard-hit countries like the United States, Italy, Spain, and many more. My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one during this crisis. It’s a difficult time, and all of us are going through some challenges of our own.

It’s affecting us in many different ways, be it financially, emotionally, or even physically. Whatever it is, instead of living in fear and anxiety, and worrying about something that we can’t control, we can change the narrative by trying our best to live in the present. Recognise everything that is around us and appreciate what we have (and still have) in front of us.

Our minds, bodies and souls can only take so much and the only healthy way forward is to be patient, remain calm, and remember that this is only temporary.

For many of you, following a positive ritual could be of much help. Some practices in the day such as repeating affirmations to yourself can help you keep things together, and remain calm. Social distance yourself from the negativity and only keep good things and happy thoughts close.

While there are surely great losses around the world, there are small victories everywhere too. All our front liners, doctors, nurses, caretakers and volunteers demonstrate the unconditional capacity of the human spirit in sincerely wanting to help each other - we would be so lost without these courageous and loving souls. Us, the community as the ‘back liners’ can help the world right now with staying home, social distancing, prayers, and donations to slow down the impact of Covid-19.

Staying strong and being patient is what the world needs right now. So be brave, stay positive (even though it’s really hard for so many at the moment) and notice that there is a lot of strength within you.

Stay safe ❤️

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