What I Do To Relieve Pregnancy Stress

Even before I was pregnant I had my fair share of everyday anxiety but coupled with being a soon-to-be-mom, there were times I found my brains going a mile a minute.

Aware that stress was bad for me especially during pregnancy, I have found some ways that worked for me to dodge some worries that might come my way, and keep calm during almost any situation.

Creating My Own Mantra

Mantras or ‘affirmations’ are simple positive phrases that I would repeat to myself every day, to change a limited belief in any situation and would make me totally forget why I was overwhelmed in the first place. An encouraging phrase that helped me get through most of my days was “I will take things one step at a time, for me and my baby”.

Practising Mindfulness

When I feel like things were getting out of hand, I would remind myself to take a step back and focus on what’s really important. Being mindful allows me to realign my mind, body and soul, and prioritise what needs to be done first.

Being Realistic With My Capabilities

I have always been a control freak but by being realistic with how much I can actually do in a day has really contributed to my self-care. My one advice would be to not be afraid to say no to others and to yourself.

Talking To Someone I Trust

I don’t always share my concerns and worries with anyone, but when I really feel the need to talk about my feelings, I would reach out to my husband or my aunt for support. Having a great support system is so important and it can really make all the difference.

Trusting A Gadget

I wore my apple watch regularly to help me keep my heart rate in check and to remind me that if I don’t take care of myself, I might be putting my baby in jeopardy.

Practising Hypnobirthing

From the very beginning of my pregnancy, I have known that I was going to go for hypnobirthing. I just love everything about it, and how soothing it can be. I have found a hypnobirthing playlist on Spotify which suits me and it has helped me fall keep calm on most days. It helps me fall asleep at night too which is very relaxing.


I continued golfing up to when I was four months pregnant. Of course, I had the green light from my doctor for this. It was extremely helpful for me to get my mind off things especially the many worries I had about being pregnant, and my fear of giving birth. It was a good distraction to have.

Surrounding Myself With Positive Energy

With all the hormones going up and down in my body, I learnt that I needed only positive energy around me. I chose who I surrounded myself with people who know how to nurture and create happiness. It’s just like how the old saying goes, we become like those we choose to hold closest. Happiness really is contagious.

What do you do to cope with your pregnancy fears and worries?

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