Ramadan, The Month We've Been Waiting For

The month of Ramadan is finally here, and we're all so excited. For me, this is an opportunity to focus (even more) on my spiritual growth and see this as a chance to be closer to God.

We welcomed Ramadan last night and prayed tarawih together as a family. Today, we began our very first day of fasting and I am already loving the energy in our home.

The pandemic has definitely forced us to make some changes to our yearly traditions but (thankfully, with the power of pivot that we have all adapted) we are more than happy to adjust and create new traditions!

Every year in this beautiful and sacred month, we would pray tarawih at our nearby mosque. I have always cherished and appreciated the opportunity to be a part of a loving community. A community that is always happy to see and greet each other at the mosque, we break our fast together, we make small conversations before prayers, and we share our mutual love for Ramadan.

On some days, we would prepare food from home share with the people we will meet at the mosque. And the food that we prepare will always be filled with lots and lots of love and beautiful energy to go around.

But Ramadan is so much more than just coming together in joy and gratitude, it is about connecting with our mind, body, and soul. This is a month to learn, to reflect, to give, to grow, to forgive, and to love.

Things will no doubt be a little different this year, but we are determined to keep the spirit alive. Some things that I plan to do this month include (but not limited to),

  1. Fast for the entire month (from sunrise to sunset)

  2. Read the Quran, join a tadarus reading group to read together.

  3. When and where I can, help those in need.

  4. Pray tarawih with my family every night.

  5. Prepare delicious meals for family, friends, and neighbours.

  6. Be conscious of the foods that I consume daily, and eat healthy.

  7. Raise my vibrations and radiate positivity.

  8. Reduce screen time.

  9. Be (even more) present and cherish every irreplaceable moment that I have with my family in this beautiful month.

  10. Give thanks, everyday.

How will you be spending your Ramadan this year?