10 Relatable Quotes From Workin' Moms

I am so thankful for Netflix for releasing Workin' Moms. They did such a phenomenal job at portraying how hard motherhood really is and offers a raw glimpse on the harsh realities moms face! Every mom is just trying their best at juggling their careers, love life, and trying to parent their child as best as they can.

Here are seven quotes that I can now totally relate to, taken from their first few seasons:

1. Maternal bond comes in all shapes and sizes

Jenny has always been struggling with motherhood and is constantly feeling envious toward her husband Ian (a stay at home dad) who gets to spend more time with their baby. Unlike her husband, she doesn't feel a strong connection with her baby, and was reminded in one of the episodes that "maternal bond comes in all shapes and sizes". It is totally OK to be a mom in our own way, and bond with our baby in our own time.

2. Can we all be brave adults and admit that babies don't need yoga?

There are just so many activities out there for parents to sign their kids up for, from fitness classes to playgroups. While some can be engaging and stimulating to a child's mind, I don't think a baby needs stretching and getting into a downward-facing dog.

3. I just quit breastfeeding and I'm in heaven

Personally, I love breastfeeding because it makes me feel more bonded with my baby. But I do have friends who have revealed how demanding breastfeeding can be to their minds, bodies, and daily schedules. I totally understand that it can be tough and many would feel a sense of relief once they stop breastfeeding!

4. You can't let the animals run in the zoo

Alicia is this 'perfect' mom on Workin' Moms who would never say no to her child. After her child starts throwing a tantrum and hitting her, Kate told her not to let animals run the zoo. This is such a perfect analogy to raising children.

5. Shut it you little monster, your mother is an angel!

While it's frowned upon to yell at other people's kids, on some days I think it could definitely be a lifesaver. If every mom had each other's back once awhile, the world would be a much better place.

6. I don't know what I am, but I'm damn sure you're not the determining factor in that

In a scene where Kate wanted to snuggle his sick baby at the hospital and the hospital staff didn't allow her to, Kate wasn't afraid to tell the nurse off. Because when it comes to comforting snuggles, only a mother knows best. No one has the right to tell a mom when she can or can't comfort her own child.

7. Nobody says we have to be connected to our kids all the time

Motherhood can be extremely demanding and there's always so much pressure for moms to have to spend as much time as possible with their children. You don't have to be connected to your kids ALL the time, and it is more than OK for moms to have some Me time for themselves. This helps with moms' personal growth too, which, without it, you can't be the best you for your baby.

8. Secrets in a marriage are like flees on a bed. You'll both be sleeping on the couch

Being parents to a newborn baby is hard enough, let alone being parents AND having to deal with a partner of whom you aren't always on the same page with. Kate and Nathan had so many issues in their marriage and instead of confronting them, they choose to just sweep them under the rug. Kate's dad told her that marriage isn't easy and keeping secrets from one another will only harm the relationship. That is to say, don't keep secrets guys!

9. Mommy is gonna check a little bit of email. Not because I'm not dedicated to your walking development but because it's boring!

Babies need consistency in everything they do, their schedules, their training, and sometimes, it can be boring. I can see how my husband can totally relate to this quote, not only because he is always "checking emails" but because he would sometimes pass the baby back to me after only fifteen minutes of playtime.

10. Childbirth is way harder (than soldiers going through PTSD)

You'll get to see this scene in their very first trailer too which was what caught my eye in the first place. Jenny was talking to her husband about going back to work after maternity leave, and told her husband how soldiers with PTSD are given a much longer leave. Her husband then asks her if she is actually comparing herself to a war hero and she said "of course not. Childbirth is way harder." Bam!

Do you have a favourite quote from Workin' Moms? P.S. Moms Need Personal Growth Too

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