Quarantine: My Daily Routine

Everyone across the world right now is facing similar challenges as we continue to live in this ‘new normal’. Tim, Jacob and I are missing our family and friends so much, and there have been times where it can be a little hard not to feel overwhelmed with the scale of the situation we’re in.

But difficult times like these always have a way of revealing what is truly important to us. In this time of isolation and solidarity, we are more thankful than ever that we have found a way to live consciously, to keep learning about each other, and understand one another better.

Tim and I have practised gratitude check-ins, meditation, and is always trying our best to be present for Jake (which means putting down our phones and computers for a few hours and really spend time together). These short and simple practices have brought much positivity in our home in the past few months.

When it comes to managing our daily routine, we have found a lot of stability in maintaining a self-care approach that we have enacted during this time. We didn’t start off this quarantine with a schedule to follow, it just sort of happened as the day passes. We slowly saw a pattern in the things we enjoyed doing together, a pattern in Jake’s nap time and what he would do during certain hours. It was stress-free, we went with the flow, and the routine moulded itself for us.

Here’s what our every day looks like,


6.45 am: I’ll wake up to pray & sometimes go back to sleep after. When I don’t go back to sleep, I’ll use the time to get a head start to the day, maybe read the Quran, or get a quick breakfast in.

8.30 am: Wake up together with Jacob & Tim, cuddle, and set our intentions for the day.

9 am: Jake’s bath time.

9.30 am: Breakfast as a family, Jake’s reading & playtime.

11 am: Jake takes his nap. I’ll fit in a quick workout, work, and prepare lunch.


12 pm-2pm: Jake wakes up and we'll all have lunch together. Tim and I would take turns to look after Jake.

2 pm-3 pm: Jake takes his second nap. I’ll take the opportunity to continue with work, clean, maybe do the laundry.

4 pm: More play time when Jake wakes up.


5 pm-6 pm: I’ll prepare dinner for the family.

6.30 pm: Jake takes his evening bath.

7 pm: Have dinner and do our gratitude check-ins.

8 pm: The TV gets switched on and we would gather in the TV room together to watch Netflix.

9.15pm: I spend 5 minutes to update my daily journal.

9.30 pm: My bedtime with Jake while Tim prepares for the day after.

What does your everyday look like?

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