Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

I have a few family and friends who are expecting at the moment. Some due at the end of the year and some early next year. It's an exciting time for all of us! I love that everyone is sharing gift ideas on group chats & the expectant moms are already working on their baby registry.

I’ve previously written a post on some amazing gift ideas that you might want to look at if you’re thinking of getting a gift that is practical and thoughtful for your family/friends with a newborn :)


Here are a couple more items that I would like to add (on top of the list in my previous post) that I have loved using and would most likely not be able to survive new motherhood without.

1. A baby first aid kit with all the essentials items such as a thermometer, petroleum jelly, nasal aspirator, baby safe nail clippers, saline nasal drops etc. You can get them from any pharmacy around. Personally I find this to be so important, and might even be the most thoughtful gift.

2. Love to Dream swaddle - I’ve got a very active baby on my hands and those muslin wraps are a no go for me. Jacob was always trying to get his arms and feet out, and the muslin square would end up being all over the place (or it could be because I’m just so bad at wrapping up my boy!) So this Love to Dream swaddle is just amazing, all you need to do is zip your baby up and in just two seconds he’s all swaddled up. It’s a dream especially when you’re trying to swaddle your baby up in the middle of the night.

3. Stokke bath support - we used it 100% of the time when he was a newborn, and brought it with us wherever we went. It’s light, it’s easy to use, and it can even fit into the sink which is awesome! (no bathtub needed)

4. A breast pump - We had the Medela double breast pump and I liked it. I didn’t have the easiest time pumping at the start but turns out I just needed some time getting used to it. Do you have a pump you love?

5. Milk storage bags for all the pumped breast milk. They're super easy to use, just keep the milk in these bags and pop them into the fridge or freezer. You can get them from any baby store such as Mothercare.

Do you have any more items that you have loved using when your baby was a newborn? Please share in the comments section below, would love to know!

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