6 Parenting Tips By Celebrity Dads

Here are a few parenting tips by celebrity dads that I've loved and thought I'd share them with you.

On showing some tough love

“Sometimes you really have to be drop-kicked out of the nest. There are some parents who have done it right and told their kid, ‘we have this dough, but none of it is for you. You have to get your own.’”

- Robert Downey Jr

On not missing a thing

“Stay home for the first year, don’t go anywhere, just be there. Play with that baby every day.”

- Bruce Willis

On being present

"I realise it can be boring to play with young children—to tell a story over and over again let’s say—but the secret is being there. If you’ve made a decision to play with your children, then play with them. Don’t be looking through papers on your desk or sneaking off to the computer. Turn off your BlackBerry. Lose yourself in their world. Even if you do it for a short time, it will mean a lot to you and them."

- Ewan McGregor

On combining love with structure

“You give them unconditional love, and then you give them some structure and some rules, and they usually turn out really, really well.” 

- Barack Obama

On putting yourself second

"I wouldn't say it saved my life, but it definitely changed my life. That was when the penny dropped that there was no longer very much time for me to think about myself anymore—about what I might like to do or who I want to be—because there is somebody now on the planet who really needs me to get my act together and focus on something that is more important than me."

- Tom Hardy 

On letting them be themselves

"I believe in letting kids be kids for as long as possible. I do constantly talk to them about giving everything their best and doing the thing you love, because I have managed to find my way into a job that doesn’t feel like a job, and if my kids can be lucky enough to do that, then that is the goal, I think. That is the Holy Grail. I want them to just follow their passions and then work hard at it. Because even the thing you love is going to be a pain at some point."

- Hugh Jackman

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