On Being A Great Houseguest

Two months ago I had a friend came over from Brunei to stay with us for a couple of nights. She was a banner houseguest which inspired me to share these tips with you on how to be one too!

She arrived with a gift

I was very excited to see her but she not only came with a gift for me and my baby, a few other things that she did add a special touch.

She gave me personal space & was being so polite about it

She was meeting some friends in town the next day and she asked me if it was OK for her to go. Of course she could go, she didn't need permission from me! But the fact that she was being so thoughtful brought so much warmth to my heart. I loved how she wanted to give me some personal space, but she also wanted to notify me that she will be in and out of the house and hoped that it wouldn't be of a disturbance to me.

She asked me if she could help with groceries

I told her that I will be making dinner and what did she do? She went to the grocery store and called me to ask what I needed to make dinner. I had all the necessary ingredients so she went ahead with getting fruits and muffins for desserts.

She lent a hand where necessary

After I made dinner that night, she cleaned the entire kitchen. More than what I could do for my kitchen myself. It was so neat and sparkly!

She left me a thank you note

She texted me two days after she left, and thanked me for being a nice host. I told her that she was the one deserving of gratitude for being such a wonderful guest. She showed so much kindness and warmth that I just can't wait to host her again.

I love having guests over, be it my family or friends. The best part about it all is being able to cook for them. I don't always cook, but when I do, it is always out of love and joy. Like what is always being said, food is much better when shared!

Do you have any tips on how to be a great houseguest?


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