My Vision Board: A Powerful Tool

Growing up, my dad constantly encouraged me to write my goals and dreams down and ways I plan on achieving them. When I was in primary school, I had a little diary where I would list down things that I want, it could be anything at all, from wanting good grades to a collection of Barbie watches. My 'list of dreams’ kept expanding over time, and I used to think everyone else did the same. I even had inspirational quotes and photos of places I wish to visit on my locker door at school. I looked at them every day and prayed for the opportunity to achieve them.

When I grew older, there was no more diary but rather the Stickies app on my mac. I remember when ‘Visit Venice’ was at the top of my list of dreams. It was always just a dream and I never made much effort in achieving that one because one, it was too far from me, two, it was expensive, and three, Italy? When would I ever get the chance to go there?

Lo and behold, in my second year of undergrad, I found myself buying tickets to Italy. I went there with so much ease and comfort. I went to Venice, Milan, Verona, Rome and so many other places I only dreamed of as a child. Not only was I able to strike off ‘Visit Venice’ off my list, but I added other places that weren’t on my list before just for the satisfaction of checking them off. I truly believe that had I not put it on my vision board, Venice would never have happened.

This ‘list of dreams’ is what is known to the outside world as a vision board - now I’ve started calling it a vision board too. I don’t suppose it requires an actual board, but simply the idea that you put your dreams up somewhere and not just in your mind. A place where you can look at every day and visualise yourself achieving them.

They have since become a much more important tool for me in how I approach my life, and how I set my intentions towards achieving them. I may not be able to achieve them all in a year, or in the next few years, but I would constantly remind myself of my Venice trip and that no dream is ever too far to reach.

They are a way for me too look back and check in on how far I’ve come in life, and to remind myself to be more grateful every day as I continue to check one dream after another off my list.

How you create your vision board is entirely up to you, it can be a long list or a simple one, with short term goals or long terms goals, anything at all. The whole purpose of a vision board is to bring your dreams to life, and realise that possibilities are endless. My only piece of advice is to dream big! If you want in on a little secret, I had a peek on my husband’s vision board and it was way more than my mind could ever dream of, he had ‘buy an island for my family to live in’ at the top of his list and all I can say is that I’m impressed. That’s the kind of dreaming big you should be having on your vision board.

Always remember that no goal is unattainable, keep dreaming and set the right intentions towards your dreams. Anyone who has achieved big goals will resonate and understand how important it is to envision your dreams before they become a reality.

It won’t happen overnight, but eventually, it will. And you’ll be ready with a sharpie in hand to check those dreams off your list as you are living in them.

What is your vision board looking like?


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