My Balance: Siti Sara

Sara is a full time working mom who lives in Penang with her husband and two daughters. Here she shares her work-from-home life during the quarantine period, and how she finds her balance...

What’s your work schedule? I start my day at 5.30 am with a lot of gratitude and prayers. After a few breathing exercises (by breathing in deep and slowly breathing out in my garden) I make my pad sparkly clean and enjoy my morning coffee and Aljazeera (before kids get up) 

At around 9-10 am the kids will get up, and then my life ends!! I’m the slave to these girls.

How do you manage your kids during the lockdown?

My husband creates this “Cotton Candyland” as a home school. He’s Mr Brown Sugar. I’m Principal Caramel. Marsha is Miss Vanilla and Sophie is Boba Tea. School goes on till when Sophie says it ends!

Where do you work during the day? 

I have set-up a work station in the kitchen. I have a tablet that it’s connected to my office system, so I’m able to work from home seriously. Working remotely gives me a lot of flexibility and control over my time. I don't have to commute to work which saves me a whole lot of time in a day, and I can choose when I start and end work.

What’s your favourite part about being at home?

During this current lockdown, lunchtime is ALL the time. That's the best part of all.

How does your husband contribute to your work/life balance?

By being Mr Brown Sugar of course! He helps keep the girls occupied while I get some work done.

How do you and your husband fit your marriage to the balance?

On certain days we would pick a nice Netflix movie to watch together. On other days when he feels like waking up early (before the girls do), we would enjoy our coffee together.

Do you have time for yourself?

Before the quarantine period, it wasn't easy to find time for myself on weekdays. My work requires me to commute close to 4 hours everyday (back and forth) and by the time I get home, it would be late. But now during the lockdown, and working from home, I have found it much easier to find time for myself. I make sure I get my me-time which, most of the time is coffee & Netflix!

Do you have any advice for other moms who are finding their work/life balance?

The one advice I would love to share with other moms is to simply be grateful. There is just so much pressure out there for a mom to do everything and to do everything well. So go easy on yourself and enjoy the smell of the roses while it lasts (because it will one day rot).

Do you wonder how other women manage their balance?

To me, happiness is very subjective. Different people enjoy different schedules or non-scheduled events; but whatever it is, just remember that life is short; the lockdown is not permanent and health is, by all means, your priority.

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