Ways To Spend 'Me Time' In Under 10 Minutes

Being a mom has me feeling like I'm always rushing through my daily activities to get to my baby. Things that I used to casually do before, such as taking a warm bath has now become a 'treat'. Jake doesn't have a solid routine yet, sometimes he naps for half an hour at a time, sometimes for a good two hours at a time. So when he needs me, I would have to quickly complete whatever task I have at hand which sometimes might even include having a warm meal.

I feel like having the time and space to do things for myself could really help create a buffer to help me manage the demands of motherhood. But the funny thing is, when Jake goes to sleep and I would finally have some time to take a breather, I would sit down and wonder "now what?"

I've come up with a list of things that I have always wanted to do before but have yet had the time for, and/or things that would be really cool if I could get them done; like working out. These could help me make full use of that little 'me time' I have before having to tend to my baby again - so I can feel good about having a productive day!

Pamper yourself: Just reach our for that face mask that you've been longing to wear. It may not be luxurious but indulging yourself in a relaxing face mask is just the next best thing. My easiest face mask would be a bentonite clay mask or a mixture of honey & yoghurt face mask.

Workout: There's so much that you can do in under ten minutes and in the comfort of your own home. Like crunches, planks, bodyweight squats, sit-ups, push-ups, star jumps, running up and down the stairs, or even a little jog around the living room. Imagine doing these every day, it'll definitely make you feel good about yourself and keep you a bit more energised throughout the day. It's definitely much better than not working out at all. Every little helps!

Meditate: Never underestimate the power of meditation. All you need to do is to close your eyes and clear your mind. Sometimes a little deep breathing in a quiet place in the corner of your room can go a long way (especially if you’re a mom!) and hey! If the meditation turns into a nap, I say just go with it!

Get a foot rub: Enlist your hubby in giving you a foot massage! Tim has been the sweetest and has never said no when I ask if he could give me a quick foot rub. I think the reason why he's always up for it is that he knows it'll just be for a few minutes!

Read: Catch up on that blog you've been following. I've been following some inspiring mom bloggers lately and they always have such great things and tips to share!

Sing and dance: For me, this is such a stress relief. I love putting on my favourite playlist and let loose. Even if it is just for a few minutes, it's a definite mood booster!

Catch up with friends: It's really nice to have some free time to talk to someone and share your life with. For me, this would be a friend or a family member (like my aunt or cousins). I'm always so busy, and now busier than ever with Jake around so it's wonderful to get to stay in touch with the people dear to me and get a little laugh in.

Make a nice snack: I think of food all the time, even when I'm in the shower, or when I'm breastfeeding. So when I finally get some free time I would immediately head to the kitchen and make those snacks I've been thinking about all morning. Sometimes a PB&J sandwich, sometimes Nutella dipped cookies, sometimes a delicious iced smoothie - perfect treats to get me through the day.

What do you do during your free time?

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