Mama Needs 10 Minutes To Herself

Someone once told me that ‘me-time’ is “utter nonsense once you become a mom". I didn’t believe her. My baby was still so little, probably a few months old and my oh my was I wrong to think that that was a difficult time.

Jacob is now two and things are getting a little challenging. At least when he was younger he didn't know how to ask for attention, or how to hit me with his toy if I didn't give him what he wanted. I could place him in his crib and I am (sort of) free to go about with the daily chores.

It's funny how I thought it was already difficult before. Just this morning I was in the shower and I had forgotten that my baby can now reach the knobs and open doors as he pleases. Or runs around the kitchen while I'm cooking and we would end up ordering in.

It’s been two years as a mom and I still haven’t found ‘the secret’, I’m still actively searching for it though! I long for the days when I could put on a face mask, go to the gym without feeling guilty, or binge watch a favourite show in the middle of the day.

Things have changed.

Now I would steal little pockets of time to do things for myself like quickly trimming my nails and calling it a manicure, or do jumping jacks behind the door when playing hide and seek and calling it a workout. I'm just here to tell you its true, having me-time is utter nonsense once you become a mom!

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