Living In Lockdown With My Little Family

I honestly can’t remember the day we started going into quarantine. It sort of just happened and all of a sudden we weren’t allowed to go out anymore.

Not that I was going out much before, but I do enjoy taking Jake to the park, trips to the movies with Tim, and my doughnut runs at the mall. Since we heard of the news that Covid-19 reached Malaysia almost two months ago, my maternal instincts were already fired up with anxiety and worry for my family. We’ve been home a lot even before the lockdown happened.

On the 15th of March, we anticipated a partial lockdown and decided to quickly move to our apartment to quarantine ourselves there - away from a busy family home with my brother still needed at work. We thought it did be best for our little Jake to be far from any possible risk.

The first phase of the Movement Control Order was implemented on the 18th of March. Malaysia was one of the first countries to announce tough measures to curb the virus. I never thought we would experience such a pandemic and just how challenging the effects were going to be. But I am definitely proud of the government for taking extreme actions in implementing and enforcing strict measures to protect us all.

The quarantine may seem strict, but they are very essential in preserving the health of the country and protecting those who have a higher risk for severe illness. We need to realise that our health, the health of our neighbours, and the country is much more important than anything else in the world. It’s the time to stand in solidarity and help flatten the curve.

As stressful as things can be, we are reminded every day that things for us are still not as stressful as the front-liners who are risking their lives every day to keep the crisis under control. Or worse, those living in a ‘high-risk’ country.

Practising social distancing hasn’t been the easiest thing to do for us, but since it’s absolutely necessary, and we really don’t have a choice (unless we’re trying to get ourself arrested), we’re constantly brainstorming ideas on new things to do.

Yesterday Tim and I danced the bachata for the longest time until Jake woke up from his nap, and we continued dancing again. Fun things that kill time like this is exactly what we need. We haven’t been out of our apartment in weeks, Tim went out once last week to get groceries and I don’t know, he probably had the time of his life!

I’m craving some fresh air and a little walk outside. Other than that, we’re doing pretty good. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy, and technology has been our best friend. We’ve been connecting with family and friends over the phone, social media, and video calls. I find it even more important now than ever to connect with one another; let our family & friends know that they are not alone and that we’re here to support them as much as we can.

This lockdown has given us a different outlook on the way we live our every day lives. Being forced to put everything on hold, simplifying, minimising, and slowing down has been very refreshing. We have made the effort to be even more present for Jake, observe his every cue and his every move, and taking advantage to cherish every minute we have with our little pumpkin before our lives start to accelerate again.

How are you and your family coping during the current lockdown?

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