What Are Your Simple Pleasures?

Last week Jacob received a birthday gift from a good friend of mine from the Netherlands. It came with a sweet handwritten note in the card, not just for my pumpkin, but also for me and Tim. I have always loved handwritten notes - the feel of the paper, the quirks of a friend’s handwriting, there is really nothing more personal and more meaningful. When I read the card, I immediately thought to myself, I want to write cards like this too! (Instead of the regular two or three-line birthday wish)

It was so touching and it made me smile, it really made my day.

It’s also what I refer to as simple pleasures and little joys that brings about a good day. Most of the time, they are not big things and don’t cost anything at all, but they are highly satisfying.

I want to know, what are your simple pleasures?

A few of mine are:

  • Waking up to a bright morning

  • Seeing my baby laugh

  • Meditation

  • Getting ice cream with Tim

  • An ice-cold banana & spinach smoothie for breakfast

  • Adding chocolate chips into my cereal (all kinds of cereal)

  • White towels and bed linens

  • Flowers

  • A room with a view

  • Chocolate croissants and cookies all-day

  • Handwritten notes

  • Diffusing my favourite oils

  • Having a nice long uninterrupted bath or shower

  • Catching the golden hour with Tim

  • Fresh laundry

  • Dancing and losing myself in a good song

  • Floating on the water

  • Getting a full body massage

  • Crispy french fries

What are yours? I’d really love to hear.

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