Finding Joy In A Smaller Diaper Bag

This week I’ve decided to KonMari my diaper bag after realising that I’ve been carrying around a lot of things that I haven’t actually needed when I’m on the go.

For short outings like when we attend playgroups, or when we head out for lunches and dinners, I’ve noticed that I don’t actually need soap, shampoo, three packs of ‘just in case’ wet wipes, too many extra clothes, and lots of toys. I do have that tendency to overpack…

Which is why my diaper bag (the Skip Hop diaper bag in the photo above) is definitely the one place my mom-life needs decluttering the most. It really is great to have many compartments for organising, but it can get a bit tricky when you are trying to get things out quickly, and it can get a little heavy when you try to fill up all the compartments! So I've decided that for everyday use, I will be converting my toiletry bag (from Nick & Nora) - which has zero compartments - into a compact diaper bag.

I have been testing it out for a few days now and I am loving the practicality of it all.

  1. It's just enough space for everything I need

  2. I haven’t been short of anything

  3. I can see everything that is in the bag (it is no longer a #diaperbagblackhole)

  4. I can look for and pick out things in a pinch

  5. It is small and light to carry

  6. It can be easily placed in the stroller storage area (does not require any shoving!)

  7. It doesn’t take up much space on the changing table/ doesn’t need a space to be leaned on

What I have in my diaper bag:

  1. A changing mat (not seen in photo below, it's currently in the wash)

  2. A breastfeeding cover

  3. An extra outfit

  4. Two diapers

  5. A muslin square

  6. One travel sized wet wipes

  7. A toy

  8. A water bottle

  9. Some snacks

This is how it looks like inside,

This has totally sparked a lot of joy!