How We Fill Our Home With Good Vibes

This is a post I'm so excited to write about! Having good energy in our home is so incredibly important to me. I am hugee on feeling the energy around me, I can almost instantly feel negative energy (that feeling in your heart like something isn't sitting right) and I would want to quickly either remove myself from the room, or do something to usher in the much needed positive energy.


I truly believe that everything around us is alive, including the spaces that we're in; the walls surrounding us and the air that we breathe. Many of us don't realise it, but we are very much connected to our immediate environment, and we can always seek to create that balance of energy and harmony between ourselves and our home.

Here are some easy ways we fill our home with positive energy:


Keeping your house free of clutter is at the top of the list. We are all guilty of keeping things that do not spark joy anymore and that is just really bad fengshui; things like receipts, old clothes, or that broken office chair (get rid of broken things immediately). Start cleaning, organising and you'll immediately feel lighter and happier.

Turn to mother nature

If in doubt, turn to mother nature. Mother nature is always supportive and cleansing. If you're home is feeling empty or disconnected from you, balance out the five elements; earth, water, fire, air, and space. They can be present in your space either physically or symbolically. Physically, you can bring in some plants into your home, add in some water features, or light a candle. Symbolically, you could have some paintings that resembles water, or a peaceful scenery.

Bring in the light

Nothing brightens a home like plenty of beautiful sunlight. Open up all your curtains and windows to get some natural light shining into your space. If you have some furniture or decorations blocking the sunlight, move them away! Maximising natural light is a great way to increase positive energy in your home, they're also great when you want your space to look bigger. Mirrors that reflects more light into your surrounding works perfectly too.


Open up all your windows and let some fresh air in, it's so important that you keep the air in your home moving. Stale air means stuffy rooms and that is just heavy energy. I make it a habit to open up our windows every morning to welcome that gush of fresh air.

Diffuse oils

Diffusing oils might just be my favourite thing to do. If you want to get the most out of it, place your diffuser in the most strategic location in your common area or in your bedroom. They'll instantly give you a calming sense of warmth and zen.

Cook & bake

Now this is my own personal hack, if we're moving into a new home, the first thing I would do is start utilising the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal for the family. The smell of food, sautéed garlic, or freshly baked goods are always so calming to me. They immediately give my home a homely vibe and I would feel right where I belong.

My home is my safe haven, so I need to make sure that my home is filled with positive energy all the time. Always remember to take care of yourself and the place you live in, the way you live can have a tremendous effect on your mind, body and soul.

Do you have a special way to invite in positive energy? I would love to know!

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