How I Create Balance For Myself

The other day I read an interview which Camille Styles did with Hello My Tribe - she gave a glimpse into how she achieves her work/life balance. It came by as an inspiration to me to want to strive for a healthy balance too, prioritising health and happiness in my home.

Here’s mine,

  1. What time do you wake up and what wakes you up? I wake up at 6am - 7am on most days (this makes for a good morning for me) other days when I feel like I’m not having enough sleep, I would wake up at 8am+ with my baby.

  2. First thing you do in the morning? In order: Wash my face, brush my teeth, pray, and then sit at my little desk in the bedroom. I’ll do a quick 10-minute meditation and then I’ll check my habit tracker to remind myself of what I need to do in the day. I’ll set my affirmations and intentions, and write in my five-minute journal.

  3. Favourite workout? Jump rope. My ultimate go-to. I love how I can do it almost anywhere without an excuse to miss it, be it at home or when I’m on a holiday.

  4. What do you usually eat in a day? If you know me you’ll know that breakfast is often my go-to spinach and banana smoothie, followed by quick eggs and toasts if I’m still hungry. Lunch is something light and easy since it’s just me and the baby at home, and I try to make dinner our family on most nights of the week. Tim loves pasta so it’s a lot of that cooked and served in different ways. I do encourage whole foods in the house, which means lots of protein and vegetables, and not order in too much - just so we know what goes in our food.

  5. Rituals for going to bed? Tim and I would have our nightly gratitude check-ins, I’ll then carry on with my nighttime beauty routine, I’ll diffuse lavender oil, put my devices away, breastfeed & fall asleep with my baby at about 10pm.

  6. How do you calm yourself when stressed? Meditation, take deep breaths, notice my thoughts, and go for a little walk if I need to.

  7. What are your secrets to balancing your personal life, motherhood, and work? I don’t think I’ve got it figured out just yet, but I do believe in being mindful and present when I’m with my family, and when I’m working. I definitely can’t juggle all the things I used to do, motherhood has brought me into a different life altogether but I know that I need to soak in every irreplaceable moment that I have with my family because time just flies by so fast and I don’t want to miss a single moment.

  8. Who is your tribe made up of to support you not only being a successful mother, but a successful entrepreneur? Having a strong support system is everything to me, it really takes a village to care for a baby. I’m really thankful to have a husband who is so hands-on and so supportive of me as a wife, as a new mom, and as someone who wants to build a platform for herself in this world. My mom & sister have also been the biggest help, understanding how challenging motherhood can be, they are always there for me when I need them. Most importantly, the mom community (both online and offline) who are always so supportive of one another.

  9. If you could give new moms one piece of advice, what would it be? If you want to ‘mom’ efficiently, you’ll need to take care of yourself too, and be very gentle with yourself. Make sure you’re not at the bottom of your very own list and prioritise your physical and mental health before you take care of everyone else. Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help, motherhood isn’t easy for anyone.

  10. If you could give a new blogger one piece of advice, what would it be? Be unapologetically yourself, your blog will reflect who you are and the values you uphold. That is what will make your blog special.

P.S. How Camille Styles Creates Balance