10 Helpful Tips Every New Mom Needs

There's no shortage of advice available for new moms, and sometimes I feel like all the information can be a bit too much and just ends up being overwhelming. But here are ten short and simple tips that I have picked up along the way and they have been very helpful.

1. Be present. Don't worry too much about other things like updating your social media, or missing out on events with your friends. Live in the now and enjoy these precious moments with your baby, they are growing faster than you know!

2. Trust your guts. Listen to your mummy instincts in everything you do, and not other people.

3. The situation does get better! The sleepless nights are only temporary.

4. There is no one way to parent, so don't compare yourself with others. You have to find what works for you and your baby.

5. Allow your partner to take over, and don't feel bad about it. After all, he is the other parent. Encourage him to be in charge of bath time, or tummy time, for example, they're great bonding activities and an opportunity for you to sit back and relax!

6. Take a breather. When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a little break to calm down before going back to your baby.

7. Be carefree! Let your kids see your laugh, make funny faces and cheery voices!

8. Put your gadgets away. Babies will know when you're not paying attention to them.

9. Cheer them on. Get excited when your baby achieves little milestones like rolling on their bellies, sitting down, or starts to grab things for the first time! Show them that these are achievements worth celebrating.

10. Read to your baby every day. They are never too young to reap the rewards of reading. What are some parenting tips that have helped you get by? I would love to hear. P.S. 6 Parenting Tips By Celebrity Dads

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