My Heart Breaks For The World Today

Like so many of you, I am absolutely crushed with what I have seen on the news recently. What happened with George Floyd should never have happened.

With a heavy heart I watched the heartbreaking video. I watched his plea for breath, the racism, the inhumane response, it brought out so much pain and anger in me. I watched as he called out to his mother. The moment he called for his mama I was immediately pushed me to a very heavy place in my heart. As a mother, and having asked to bear witness to such a disturbance had me speechless. A call to our mothers is truly a prayer to be seen.

This instantly reminded me of the story of Emmett Till, a 14 year old who called for his mama, as he was kidnapped, tortured, and killed over the false witness of Carolyn Bryant Donham. She used her white privilege to wrongly accuse a boy of offending her in a grocery store. It’s hard for me to picture it without a strong sense of wanting to protect the boy from this cruel cruel world.

These things stir a different kind of pain. It just cuts so so deep.

As I watched the Floyd video, I felt a huge sense of responsibility to want to teach my baby how be respectful, to love, and to be fair.

Each and every one of us have the power to create change, and with the internet at the tip of our fingers, we have the ability to create change and influence some good in this world. We are all in this together, we must hold ourselves accountable to contribute to a better society, to support one another, and strive for a peaceful community that is kind and respectful to one another.

I am holding onto my family a little extra tight today and just never wanting to let go. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our next generation is better than the last. It is our responsibility to create a world that is better for our children, to teach our children to be kind, accepting, and loving to everyone.

It’s a responsibility that we not only owe to our children, but to our society to raise a loving community. These values and education starts at home, and if change is something you want to see happening in this world, lead by example. Please teach your baby love, and kindness. I will do the same.

We are in this together.

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