Happy Birthday To My Husband, Tim!

I have loved spending the past years with you. Without even realising it, you have impacted my life in so many ways, you have inspired me, and you have encouraged me to become better every day - as a wife, a mom, and a girl with big dreams.

For a little treat, we went out for a birthday breakfast at Huckleberry. We have always been a huge fan of their desserts and thought we should try their breakfast spread for the first time. Jake also tried whipped cream for the first time (off of Tim's vanilla milkshake) and his sweet reaction was the highlight of our morning!

We came home with Tim’s favourite lemon drizzle loaf cake (which is simply amazing) and blew out candles at home. I'm beyond grateful to have you both in my life.

Did I mention it’s Tim’s first birthday as a dad? Jake's presence made the day even more special.

Here's to another beautiful year ahead!


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