Every Woman Deserves A Support System

As we all work together to heal from the global health crisis, so many women and mothers across the world are left feeling isolated and alone. Which is why it is so important (now more than ever) that we each have a support system that we can lean on.

Whether it’s a large support system or a small one, we all need someone we can talk to and unwind. Life is a rollercoaster ride for each and every one of us, and having family and friends around can truly make things a little easier for our minds, bodies, and souls.

A strong support system can help us accomplish lots of things in our lives, and it lets us know that we are not alone. The people around us aren’t there just for the good times, they are the safety net for us when times get tough. They are the ones who will be there for us, help pull us up and guide us through the muck. One too many times we underestimate them, and fear that they won’t understand us, or won’t have time for us - and we are wrong to think that.

If you are uncomfortable with opening up to those you know, you can also seek professional help in therapy, or join a support group (either online or in-person) to be in a community that is in a similar situation as you are.

It’s truly helpful to have a variety of different resources to lean on. Your support system might be your family, your friends, co-workers, or even pets. If you have issues in your home your family could be the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re going through tough times transitioning into motherhood, your mom friends could be the first people you seek. If you're looking for professional advice, your co-workers could be who you approach for assistance.

While it’s important to focus on one support system, we all need a broad range of support for all the different curveballs life throws at us. Unless your support system is your mom, then you basically have the whole package for all your needs, whenever you need it!

Cultivating a strong support system can really help in increasing positivity and welcome some good energy in our lives. So start strengthening your support system, invest in your family and friends, let them know that they can rely on you during tough times, and in return, they'll be there for you too! After all, giving and receiving from others is a basic human need.

We're stronger together!

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