Essential Oils: How It Works For Me

I have been using essential oils for a good year now and here's my honest opinion of it so far.

Let me start by stating the obvious, that we are all different. Our bodies, our tastes, our sense of smell and the different things we all love. Certain things affect us differently too. Some enjoy the smell of oranges and lemons, some prefer peppermint and thyme.

That is to say that, essential oils may not work for everyone, and some essential oils may not work for certain essential oil users too. But I feel that if it could help boost your mood at the start of the day, that can already contribute to your positive wellbeing. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh roses in the morning, for me, that is an instant mood booster.

I, like so many of you, are becoming disillusioned of western medicine, and are seeking natural ways to heal. When I look at the wellness industry in comparison to western medicine and all their pharmaceutical products, the wellness industry has a way of making everything seem warmer, cosier, and just so relaxing. It offers a welcoming space that makes us feel safe, cared for, and most importantly, loved.

To be entirely honest with you, I was one of the many people that were sceptical of essential oils. But with all the hype around it, I decided to look into it a little deeper and give it a try. To say the least, I was more than impressed in the amount of study Young Living has put into their products.

I am a believer in the fact that a lot of ailments out there (though not all) are stress-related. That is the root of all headaches, high blood pressure, fever, body aches, anxiety and so much more. Stress and worry cause our mind, body, and soul to go off some sort of alignment, and if essential oils can reduce stress, and bring about positivity, doesn’t that just solve the root of the problem?

If you take essential oils out of the equation, maybe go on a nice beach holiday with your family, take a nice stroll in the park with your kids, have a picnic in the most beautiful rose garden, that, in itself is stress-relieving and provides a positive impact on your health and well-being. These are the same effects that I believe essential oils provide.

Picture yourself living in the olden days where homoeopathy & natural remedies were the only way to go. You would be given things like ginger for digestion, cinnamon for menstrual cramps, tea tree for better skin, or lemons for mosquito bites. Now imagine these ingredients in oil form. Voila, essential oils!

If you enjoy the smell of wintergreen and it makes you feel more energized, take a whiff before starting your day, why not! If the smell of lavender relaxes and calms you, sniff it at bedtime for a better sleep why not!

Do you use essential oils? What do you love about them?


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