Embracing Your Femininity In The World Today

Many of you have probably heard the term ‘divine feminine energy’ as of late. But have you ever wondered what it is all about?

There is something so beautiful about femininity that is often neglected in our modern-day. We are so occupied with work, ambitions, and are always on a get-more-done mindset, leaving many of us feeling unfulfilled and exhausted at the end of the day.

It’s so important for women to have a spiritual journey to follow, but bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to how you achieve this. Femininity can be different to different women, as every woman have the freedom to choose what femininity means to them.

While the core concept of femininity and the energy surrounding it has been embraced by many over the past hundred years, I personally have been cultivating the concept of divine feminine energy just recently.

The energy surrounding femininity is so powerful, it radiates brilliance, calmness and life all in itself. To me, I see it as an instinctual nature that every woman possess, a nature that we can choose to embrace and celebrate if we would like to.

It is simply acknowledging the nature of our feminine being, and getting in touch with who we are, our needs, and our wants. Being connected with our divine feminine allows us to find pleasure, joy, and contentment around our bodies, the way we choose to live, and the relationships we have with the people around us.

Here are some ways I have learnt to tap into my inner femininity, and how they have helped me peel through new layers of creativity, inspiration, pleasure, and presence I never knew I had.

Follow your intuition

This begins with listening to your heart and the subtle messages that your body radiates, your heart will always tell you the truth. You can start by checking in with yourself before making a decision, say and do what you really feel. Your feelings are a part of your intuitive guidance system.

Connect with your body

I have mentioned in my previous posts about aligning your mind, body, and soul. Our body speaks to us in sensations, and listening to our bodies will allow it to consciously stay connected to our mind and soul. It gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our powerful inner wisdom and builds trust and confidence in who we are.

Practice meditation

Meditation is something I love, and have chosen to do on the daily. It helps me clear my mind and encourages me to get in touch with my inner spirit and ‘realign’ myself if need to.

Create routines

To me, having a routine to follow is a celebration of the little things in life, a way to acknowledge beauty and being present in each moment. They help me awaken my senses, stay grounded, and bring more feminine energy into my life. My daily routine consists of expressing daily gratitude, diffusing essential oils, preparing and enjoying a nice meal with my family, reading to my baby, and journaling amongst a few other things.

There’s so much to learn about ourselves and no matter where you are on your journey, there are always more layers to peel back. The flow of energy, power, and inspiration will come from tapping deeper into our femininity. So keep embracing them, and celebrate them every day.

How do you embrace your divine feminine?


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