My Easy Face Mask Recipe

I have been obsessed with bentonite clay ever since it became a beauty trend in our local market many years ago. I incorporated it into my small business (that is now closed) and it was such a hit.

For a little background on my small venture that was running for about four years, my sister and I started an online business called Coconut Charcol (intentionally spelled that way) where we sold activated charcoal made from coconut shells. They were sold as natural teeth whiteners and it was the only product we were focusing on until we decided to welcome the bentonite clay face mask to the family.

We ordered a whole bunch of bentonite clay from Queensland Australia - Australian Healing Clay and made our signature recipe together with some activated charcoal and green tea. It was a gorgeous mix.

Unfortunately, with my sister moving to the UK for University, and myself moving to Kuala Lumpur for work (from Brunei where our home was then), we weren’t able to continue with the venture - even with all the help we had from our distributors. We couldn’t make it work.

But our love for the clay mask remained. Even after closing-up shop, some of our loyal customers personally contacted us asking for more and we tried our best to provide until there was no more.

For our personal use, however, we made more orders to Australian Healing Clay for their good stuff and have been using them until today.

I have recently added a new ingredient to the mix which is dried lavender buds and it’s just so brilliant to say the least. If you would like to try them, you can do so by following this simple recipe:

All these ingredients can be easily bought online, but I’ll link them to where I get mine.

- A full cup of bentonite clay

- A tablespoon of activated charcoal

- A tablespoon of (crushed) dried lavender buds (put them in a grinder so they come out fine and easy to mix)

- A teaspoon of green tea leaves (I get mine from tea bags)

Mix them together and store them in a dry, air-tight container. This makes a whole jar that can be used for more than ten applications.

*Do not use metal spoons or bowls to stir the mix, anything metal will react with the clay, reduce its effectiveness and healing properties.

The ratio should be two heaped tablespoons of the clay mix to one teaspoon of water. Slowly mix them together, and add more drops of water if you have to until you get a nice thick ‘muddy’ texture. Apply them on your face with your fingers or a fan brush and let it stay on for about 15-20 minutes.

It’s totally normal if your skin tingles and tightens as it dries up, and it’s also normal to experience redness once you’ve washed it off. Because the thing about bentonite clay is that it has a natural electrical charge that awakens and activates your skin cells, as well as drawing out all the toxins from your skin. The redness should disappear after a few minutes.

I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

Have you tried using a bentonite clay face mask before? Will you be trying this recipe? Would love to hear from you!

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