Dinnertime Conversations

I’m not sure if it’s the quarantine doing this or if we’ve always been at it- but I’m more aware of this now - that Tim and I are always so welcoming of new topics to talk about over dinner and beyond.

Our nights are very quick and short, the routine goes: bath time at 6.30pm, dinner time, playtime, tv/cuddle time, and then it’s bedtime for all of us at 10pm tops. So we take every opportunity we have to sit together, to bond, and discuss so many different things, ideas, and sometimes our opinions of the current situation.

Of course, we can bond at any time of the day, but our days are often so packed with work and Jake’s schedule that the only best time to do so is during and after dinner. This is when we’re both absolutely free and we try our best to stay away from our gadgets.

A popular topic that always pops up is how the uncertainty of the current situation is making so many of us uncomfortable, but the best thing we can do is to focus on our own lives and the things we can actually control. In a way, I feel that this also serves as a reminder for us to remain optimistic.

The healthiest thing to do is to be aware that we can always choose to look at the brighter side of things. 100% of the time, there will always be at least one thing in your life that you can actually control - most of the time it is your attitude and how you perceive the world.

You have full control over what you want to do with your own life, and if you encourage yourself to focus in on the positive, you will only see the positive.

Your reality is yours to mould and to build. So in times like this, ask yourself, what is it that you are looking for? Look for the good in things and you will start to see more of that.

What does your dinnertime conversations look like?

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