Dating During Quarantine

Let’s face it, quarantine life is the new normal at this moment, and for the many days, weeks, and maybe months to come. With the social distancing going on, we are now (more than ever) all active on our phones, on our apps, and everyone craving for that social connection via the internet. Which makes dating during this time rather interesting for so many.

I had a Facetime session with a friend from London today, she told me of the difficulties she's facing in her relationship when the world went into quarantine (they’ve only been dating three months). It is especially challenging when the momentum can’t continue and now it seems like everything in this world, even her relationship feels like its being forced on hold.


Of all the things I have thought about that came with living in isolation: like how it affects the government and businesses, the good it brought to our environment - and almost everything else - I never once thought about how it could affect the many people who are dating, and /or living apart. I simply can’t imagine my relationship with Tim if we had gone into quarantine. After the call, I couldn’t help but picture myself in her shoes. So I brought the topic up over lunch and we were both brought back to our dating times. Tim and I definitely made the effort to see each other almost every single day, we talked over the phone, shared our favourite songs on Spotify, and certainly bonded over the little trips we made.

This definitely begged the question: if the country went into lockdown, will we be apart or together? Without the holidays, the movies, the lunches and dinners, that leaves us with just the communication efforts we can do over the phone - if we decide to quarantine apart from each other that is. Which will most likely be the case, because cohabiting with someone you recently started seeing isn’t something I would want to do - imagine the person ended up being someone totally unexpected, there’s really no running away from that if you’re locked up together.

If we were to quarantine individually, we were going to have to put in much more effort to keep the romance alive, virtually. It’ll be like a long-distance thing, and perhaps getting to know each other without any physical attractions might allow you to learn some valuable things about the other person. Tim thinks if we were living in quarantine, our relationship probably wouldn’t have moved as fast as it would have. We definitely bonded a lot during our holidays which we wouldn’t be able to do with closed borders, and we probably won’t get to meet Jake until many years later too.

Are you and your significant other spending quarantine together, or apart?

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