Our Daily Gratitude Check-ins

Life has a way of throwing curveballs every now and then, and for me, the only thing that helps bring a fresh frame of reference to a difficult life situation is gratitude. It works like magic, an immediate antidote to all the negative emotions we feel when life gives us lemons. It encourages me to become mindful of everyday blessings, and whenever I do that, all of a sudden everything around me becomes a luxury and a privilege to have.

If you’re wondering if this is something I have always been doing my entire life, I really don’t think so.. maybe not, maybe just a little bit here and there. It’s the difficult situations I have faced and the many obstacles I have overcome in the past that has moulded my mind to seeing gratitude as a defence mechanism. A mechanism to be stronger, to persevere and to be resilient in dealing with tough situations.

In the past two months that we’ve been in quarantine, Tim and I came to a habit of doing gratitude check-ins with each other. I’m hoping we will continue to do it for the rest of our lives because it has just been so amazing for us.

Every night before we go to bed, one of us would say “alright, gratitude check!” and we would both say out three things that we are grateful for in the day, and what we think would make tomorrow even better. It may seem small, but it has brought so much warmth and positivity to our home that I love, and it helps us appreciate one another even more than we thought we could.

Without realising it, we are are also learning more about each other each day. We would sit together, sometimes we hold hands, take a step back, and reflect on our day, acknowledging every bit of blessings we have.

Little things like having fresh air and delicious meals on our table have come to mean so much to us. Even on stressful days, we have managed to save the day by giving less power to the negative emotions, and strive to see more of the positivity in our lives. Because no matter what the circumstance, things could get a lot worse.

Last week my computer crashed, I didn’t know what caused it but I just couldn’t get it on. I started to think of all my work, my documents and all the photos I had lost, all of my baby’s photos from the day he was born and all our guests that came to visit. For a second I was crushed, but I knew I had to remind myself that I could either spend the day being upset about it or thank my computer for having worked soo extremely hard for the past seven years that it was just time to let it go. I have never thanked my computer in my life, ever. I think it needed that.

And about all the photos I had lost, I am thankful that I have and still have a good memory to remember it all in my head. I am thankful for a chance to keep making memories for as long as God allows. For all my documents that I had lost, I am thankful that I am still capable of documenting and continue working to recreate some if not all of those documents. Maybe I needed that refresher course to jump-start my brains and work even harder, who knows.

I can’t exactly remember how we started it this practice, but we have found ourselves in the habit of doing them every day. And I love this new addition to our daily practices, that little sparkle in our day we never knew we needed.


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