The Cry-It-Out Method Isn't For Me

I'm the kind of mom that would tend to my baby the second a frown appears on his face. I've been told many times to let my baby 'cry it out' but I just don't have the heart for it. I have spoken to many friends about this and so many of them swear by this method. It teaches the baby how to self-soothe and encourages independent sleep. For me, the longest I've ever let my baby cry was probably a couple of minutes when I really had to go to the washroom.

Jake loves to be carried, and my uncle has joked about him "never having to touch the ground" as he would be passed from one set of arms to another. My parents, my siblings, Tim and I would take turns to look after him.

Some guests who have come over to visit Jake and saw me carrying him has told me "if you keep doing that, you'll be in trouble" and my answer would always be that "I'm already in trouble" - but if I'm being entirely honest, its the kind of trouble that I love. Jake is my firstborn. I love carrying him, I love snuggling him, I just can't find any reason to why I shouldn't intervene and calm him or feed him when he needs me.

If you're curious to know what goes in my mind it's probably the fact that a few years from now he will not need me this much anymore, and I will never get these moments with Jake again.

I'm not saying that the cry it out method is wrong, and it might work wonderfully for so many moms out there - especially when caring for more than one baby. This may be the case for me later on too, but I'm just not there today.

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