How Jacob's Name Came About

Finding the perfect name for a baby is a struggle and I'm confident many moms can relate. For months and months we pondered and debated and read books and made lists, and we finally came to decision.

A decision that we then kept secret, and didn't share it with anyone until the day our angel was born. A huge part of our reason to do so was because we didn't want to fall prey to unsolicited opinions of the name we we have chosen, or worse, listening to new name options (!).

Our baby being our firstborn, and the first grandson, Tim and I were both well aware that there would be many who would want to try and name our baby. We have seen it happen one too many times with our nieces and nephews that we became nervous when the day finally came for us to disclose his name. A day after delivery my parents were in the hospital room with us, and our relatives came in not too long after. The question then popped, “What will the baby’s name be?”.

Tim and I looked at each other, gave each other the go ahead, and finally announced it. “His name is going to be Harvey”, Tim said.

Between Tim and I, we have always referred to the baby in my belly as Harvey and we loved it. We enjoyed the little secret and we were always picturing him as an older kid and being called Harvey.

In French, Harvey means ‘strength’, and ‘battle worthy’, and it only makes sense that our first baby carries a name with a strong meaning.

We thought we were saved from the drama of choosing names but we were never more wrong. Many had much to say and unsupportive comments flooded in; some thought the name wasn’t religious or local enough, or that the name sounds ‘funny’.

I just never quite understood why people feel entitled to like or dislike our personal choices - like naming our own baby.

We brainstormed for new names the very same day and finally decided to refer back to our list of best names we have previously chosen from. Two of our second bests were Abel and Jacob. We all voted.

In the end, Jacob was seen to be more suitable for a firstborn. Somehow it seemed stronger.

Looking at our little pumpkin now his name seems fitting, he really does look like a Jacob. Maybe 'what's meant to be will be' after all. Although the name needed some getting used to in the beginning, we accepted the beautiful name with an open heart.

Welcome to the world, my little Jacob.

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