Choosing A Name For Baby

I really don't think there is a specific way to choose a name for a baby. I have been asked by several people how I came about to choosing Jacob's name. Choosing a name for our baby was not easy. It was definitely a bit of a challenge for myself and my husband...and somehow it was a challenge for other people around us who wanted to chip in names for our baby too.

Countless names would come across our minds and we would repeatedly ask each other 'What do you think of this name, what do you think of that name? What if the baby is a boy, what if the baby is a girl.'

What Tim and I did upon learning that we're going to have a baby was to list down a few names we thought was the best, for both girls and boys and compare notes at the end of the day. Having in mind that we would have to match it with Tim's surname, Lee.

Here is the list of my favourite names,

For a boy:

1. Harvey

2. Liam

3. Joseph

4. Abel

5. Jacob

6. Oliver

For a girl:

1. Selma

2. Grace

3. Mary

Some things to consider is if you want your baby to have a unique name, if the name sounds good with the surname, if it has a special meaning or a story behind it. In addition to that, you can think about your own passions, experiences, people you know or you’ve met in the past, and ancestors in the family for example. This might give you an idea of a good and meaningful name.

Personally, I love a name that carries a strong meaning. A name that is positive and a name that can build character. My one advice to all new moms when it comes to picking out names is to come up with a name that both you and your husband will like. Stick to that name and fall in love with it.

How did you choose your baby's name?

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