Celebrating Eid A Little Differently This Year

Like any other religious holidays, Eid comes with glorious traditions and endless celebrations. In the previous years, we would all come together to pray, to reflect, enjoy each other’s company, and feast with our neighbours, family and friends.

This year, we’re celebrating this special day a little differently. My family and I, just like each one of you are complying to the strict measures as we fear of a new peak in the curve. But we are still trying our best to keep the Eid spirit alive as we adapt to the current situation.

Tim, myself and our baby travelled to my parents home in Putrajaya three days ago. We made sure we were healthy, and everyone in my parents home was healthy before we made the journey. Even though Malaysia has slightly loosened up the Movement Control Order restrictions, there are still conditions in place - mass prayers in mosques are still banned, interstate travelling isn’t allowed, no gatherings of more than twenty people, and everyone is still expected to practise social distancing.

In an effort to keep the traditions going as much as we could, this morning our family started off the day with a delicious home-cooked breakfast (courtesy of my loving mama), we prayed as a family with prayers led by my dad, and we sent out Eid wishes via phone calls, texts, and Zoom calls to our family and friends. We even exchanged baked goodies and local treats with our neighbours which were lovely.

Despite celebrating in a whole new way, we are so grateful that we have each other. So many people around the world are forced to celebrate in isolation, students are stranded abroad, and grandparents not being able to see their grandkids during this special day. We hope that next year we will be back to celebrating normally, in a way we have all loved and enjoyed, and remembering that even though this year was hard, we made it through in good health.

From our family to yours, we wish all of you a beautiful Eid. May your path be filled with endless blessings, love and joy!

How are you celebrating Eid this year?


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