My Blogging Experience

I have been blogging since I was still in school - I was maybe ten or eleven then. My dad introduced me and my brother to blogging via Blogspot where we had our own accounts and was encouraged to write once every week. It was focused on things that we loved throughout the week, something we did differently, something fun that happened at school (or things that weren’t fun), and how we can make things better in the coming weeks. It was very positive, and we could write about anything we wanted.

No one at school knew what a blog was, let alone blogging then. I sometimes thought it was an old person’s thing but I loved it. To me, it was an upgrade from journaling and something more exciting than writing in a diary.

I shifted from Blogspot to Tumblr when I was in high school, it taught me to code here and there, and allowed me to design my page however I wanted. It was cool, and I was proud to share it with my friends too. I had Tumblr for a while and decided that my blogging days were over when I started University. I didn’t have much time to write and at a point had totally forgotten all about it.

When I completed my Masters, I had the itch to write and share, and I was excited on designing my web page all over again. I looked into Wix and gave it a go. Raisa & Co. is where we are today, built on Wix and a continuation of my past years of blogging. It’s been an interesting journey so far. Looking back at the topics I’ve covered - from my school days to talking about motherhood right now, my blog has definitely grown and matured with me.

The usage of the internet has also increased drastically in a matter of.. what, fifteen years? It’s amazing to see how blogging has become an industry of its own, with a community that keeps increasing in number. What I love most about it is the friendly blogging community that is always so supportive of you and what you’re doing (particularly the mom bloggers online).

Since having Jacob, I have been running this blog full time and it has slowly become a small business which I am really passionate about. I used to run Mama Hour with a team of writers, a blog page sponsored by Wiggle Boks. It ran for about two years until I decided to focus solely on Raisa & Co.

Blogging has given me so much flexibility to connect with followers and readers from all over the world. I've had the chance to meet people I never thought I'd meet. most of them being new moms, their beautiful children, wives, and women who have so much to share. As a new mom, talking about my family, my baby, and the transition into becoming a mama is all I talk about lately and is possibly the heart of this blog at the moment.

With blogs becoming more prolific today, it is undoubtedly a profession that can be taken a bit more seriously than it did many years ago. I personally feel that blogs can easily reach their full potential and become an income-generating platform for bloggers today, but with everything else that you do and want success from, it will require a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Blogging has definitely opened up opportunities for me, be it in the form of making friends and meeting new people, a way to gain financially, self-growth, or even as a source of inspiration.

In this day and age, companies are also starting to embrace the blogging world, which means that surprises and opportunities are endless! If you’re here for a little persuasion and inspiration to start your own blog, podcast, or vlog, I say go for it! We all have experiences and stories to share. And trust me, if you can make a positive impact on even one person in this world via your platform, you’re already doing a lot of good in the world! Happy blogging!

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